Public Education

Neighborhood Schools: Education is my number one priority. I will fight to make sure that our neighborhood schools have the resources they need to help our children reach their full potential. I’m a product of Texas’ public school system, and I know that my success is due to the great education I received. I will oppose all attempts to weaken our neighborhood schools.

Affordable College: Tuition deregulation and a lack of funding from the Texas Legislature is making higher education a goal out of reach. Too many students are having to take on huge debt and/or turning to food pantries because they can’t afford tuition and meals. Texas must invest in its future by keeping college affordable for young Texans.

Equal Pay 

Women's work is vital to the State of Texas, and employers should be encouraged to pay equal wages to men and women with the same qualifications doing the same work. After the first equal pay bill was vetoed, the legislature crafted a compromise bill that had support from businesses and women. Nonetheless, my opponent voted worked to defeat the popular bill, calling equal pay “frivolous”.

I’ll co-author an equal pay bill, vote yes, and encourage Governor Abbott to sign it into law.

Local Control

My Republican opponent has had zero bills passed, and that’s a good thing. One of his priorities last session was stripping municipalities of local control on ordinances designed to protect public health, reduce litter, and save precious tax dollars. We know better than that and I won’t meddle with cities’ local control authority.